DYUT RIDES is the App developed by enthusiastic software engineers supported by the core team of directors who have long years of experience in service industry and having professional expertise in Finance and administration.

DYUT RIDES App is a patent product of Kou-Chan Technologies Pvt Ltd (KTPL)a company registered under the Companies Act 1956. KTPL is a fast-growing start-up in software and customer service. Integrity, transparency and high level of compliance on regulatory matters remain the core objectives of the Company and its Team.

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DYUT Rides Service App is an off spring of KCKC Technologies Pvt Ltd. We at Kou-Chan Technologies Pvt Ltd an existing organisation, now picking up fast pace like a start-up, is committed to change the common man’s travel experience giving a new dimension where he can have his final say when he is footing his bill.

And for the drivers also, who can play an independent role as an entrepreneur while rendering services and get best deal for his services given a situation, We have personally experienced the pain of riders as a user of app-based travel solutions.

We have also heard enough from drivers/ vehicle Owners the problems faced by them.
Therefore, we thought deep in to the issues and decided to do some better for the both the community. In a quite counter intuitively we took up a challenge to make experience of riding a satisfactory one for both the involved parties.

DYUT Rides recognises the in evitable interface of Passengers and Drivers service activity. As a ride app developer, we have put in every effort to make the process as much user friendly as possible at the same affordable for both.

At the end the passengers being the customers should have best of the convenience and happy experience on completion of rides. The app also has high potential of developing huge jib opportunities in this service sector. More the demand for services means more drivers can enter the field.



Everyone has a right to feel safe, secure and at profit. To be in a win-win situation, Passengers or Drivers need the information and options available. This is the guiding force behind DYUT RIDES reinforces our efforts to connect Passengers and Drivers through the best integration of technology and information. We dedicate ourselves to develop and improve the services continuously on an easy to use access platform that protects, empowers and has meaningful impact on common-man, service providers and the community as whole.



  • Professional organisation managed by team of highly qualified professionals
  • Long years of experience in Service Industry Integrity and transparency in the management of affairs of the organisation
  • High level of compliance of regulatory matters
  • The core objectives are superior customer experience, affordability and user friendly app for rides of all walks of life


  • Anywhere any time ride 24/7 depending upon availability as no restriction on Vehicles Owners in deployment of vehicles or multiple shifts
  • Customers can book for self and other loved ones also
  • User friendly smart phone app for booking of rides with multiple options
  • Riders get value for the travel experience
  • GPS based faster responses by Drivers
  • Drivers act independently like an entrepreneur hence fair fare
  • Riders have to rate Drivers after completion of ride hence better service
  • Drivers/ Vehicle Ownersdo get fair price for the services and get instant money on completion of ride
  • Support servicecan track ride, if booked for ‘Others’ from the contact list on phone


  • Drivers are verified before registration with their licence, ID proof and vehicle registration documents.
  • Riders rated Drivers for the services.
  • Riders have freedom in selection of drivers and type of vehicle looking at their rating and fare quote
  • Transparent and dynamic pricing mechanism helps both Riders and Drivers to avail best deal.
  • Discouragement for both Riders and Drivers for indiscriminate cancellation (Refer cancellation policy)


  • DYUT Rides has declared policy on privacy matters (See Privacy Policy).
  • All the databe it personal or general will be subject to the privacy policy and nothing will be shared in violation of policy or the applicable laws of the land.
  • The datestored on cloud with credible third-party space.


  • There are rewards to the third parties who put in their efforts in onboarding the Drivers, Vehicles and passengers. This has been stated in award scheme announced separately.
  • DYUT Rides bringing the best class of services. It is one of the fastest growing customer rides servicing company, which is managed by professionals. In one of the recent analysis the features of other rides services, we have brought out herein explicitly the best of the features of DYUT Rides.
  • In 17th November 2018 edition of Economic Times, an outcome of on online survey conducted by citizens forum Local Circles, where more than 20000 unique responses were received, and respondents spread across metros, tier – 1-3 cities and other locations. The survey result highlighted the issues faced by people for App based cab services. The app-based cab booking has really caught the likes of the people because of convenience it offers.

From the said survey findings some of the issues faced by the public, as summarised by the form, are as below:

  • The biggest issue with app-based taxis is- Surge pricing 64%
  • Have the government authorities able to regulate the surge pricing? No say 75% of the responses
  • Drivers demanding ride cancellation- 25%
  • Long wait for taxis to arrive- 5%
  • Do the app providers continue to offer competitive fares? No-58% Yes -28%
  • Reason for using for app-based cab services - convenience- Yes say 72%
  • Penalty for app / driver cancels the service the ride? 55% say Rides should get Rs 50/- credit 35% say 10% of fare
  • DYUT Rides consider riders as the most valuable factor in the whole system of this service. It has all the answers for the above listed concerns of the Rides as all these are factored in DYUT Rides concept.


Our objective of bringing out DYUT RIDES is to bring a delightful connect to the Customers and aspiring Drivers/Vehicle owners a happy experience. We have heard much of the customers problems and dissatisfaction from some service providers and are tried our best to address these issues to bring a most beneficial connecting relationship for the three communities. We are sure the passengers would be happy for the fare they foot in, so also the drivers take home their rightful earnings and vehicle owners put their investment to the best productivity.