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  • Terms & Conditions for Drivers
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Cancellation Policy

In many cases circumstances may force a Customer or even drive to cancel a booking because of reasons best faced by them. However repeated cancellations would surely a matter of concern and should be avoided. Also it does cause inconvenience to the other passengers and drivers and always one must think twice before cancelling a trip. You (Customer or Drive) may cancel your bookings from the My Account after logging in. Cancellation process has been made simple in a self-managing mode so that drivers are freed for next trips. For better understanding of cancellation, one may refer to the FAQ section to know the terms of cancellation.

The cancellation charges applicable as per the schedule given below:

  • Charges for cancellation of local Trips: (Puneeth to provide the Schedule)
  • Cancellation of other trips:(Apply on commencement of these services)
    (a).Within 8 hours of scheduled journey time: 90% of the booking amount (Maximum Rs. 2500 and subject to point iv below.).
    (b).Between 8 to 24 hours of scheduled journey: 50% of the booking amount (Maximum Rs. 1500).
    (c).Cancellation at lease Before 24 hours of the scheduled Journey time: Rs. 250 from the booking amount.
    (d)Within 1 hour of booking time- 50% of booking amount (Max.600)
  • The Cancellation charges shall be deducted from your M3 -e wallet account or in case of no such account, it will be set off from your advance account or next or subsequent booking or added to the fare charges.
  • The mode of Payment of on Cancellation: For amount paid by cash, the Driver must refund the amount by way of either cash refund or by transfer from his M3 e-wallet account and credit to the M3 account or bank account of the Passenger or Customer or alternatively he may settle it by Cash.
  • DYUT Rides being the connector between Customer and Driver, shall not be directly responsible for cancellation of booking due to unavailability of vehicles / cancellation by third party service provider or for any other reason. we only facilitate the resolution of the matter by appropriate mediation in exceptional cases.

Note: Cancellation process depends on availability of service at the time of booking. However, third party service provider may have his own cancellation policy for such third-party services which may be indicated separately. We have the absolute authority to change or modify or vary from place to place or time to time, the cancellation policy or schedule of cancellation charges, which shall be notified on this page as and when such changes are made.

Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Use Of DYUT Rides Services By Drivers And Vehicle Owners As Provider Of Third Party Services To Passengers

  • DYUT Rides : (“ DYUT Rides” also known herein as “ Bookarideworldwide” or “Kou-Chan Technologies Private Ltd” or “ Kou-Chan “or “ our” or “ Us” or “we”) provides a Mobile Application Software under the domain name “bookarideworldwide.com” and a platform system that provides the passengers to look for nearby transport service to reach out to Drivers on a map, get connected in real-time by a smart phone, book and finalise the deal for the services. At the end of the service passenger to pay for the transportation or any services received, through the payment gateway provided by M3 e-wallet application (the “M3 e-wallet”). The booking service is designed to give Drivers as well as the passengers as much control and ownership of the deal over how you manage this service, as possible. Generally, the process for the service is to make it win-win for both passengers and Drivers with get connected more efficiently and beneficial way. You however must be responsible for your own complete delivery of the DYUT Rides service and well-behaved person as a Driver. You have to ensure that your business set up complies with all relevant laws and take all precautions & reasonable care for the safety of passengers, drivers and of others.
  • User Agrees and confirms: As a user in the capacity as Driver / Owner you agree and confirm that you agree to all terms set forth herein by DYUT Rides by your access to the application / website portal and on receipt of requests for the services. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of use of the system or the other policies like Privacy policy, Cancellation policy or terms and conditions made for the Passengers or not inclined to be associated to it or do not install the app or do not make any use of it, then it is assumed that you are not in agreement to DYUT Rides terms and conditions. In that you should opt out from usage of this App as a Driver. These Terms of Use provide the “General terms & Conditions” applicable to the use of DYUT Rides application software for smart phone / web application as offered by Bookarideworldwide.com portal and this part is specifically applies to Drives and /or Owners of vehicles who register under this DYUT Rides App. For any kind of support, the Drivers or Owners may contact us on as provided in the App (‘Contact us’) for resolution of their issues.
  • Definition of certain terms, which are generally used herein and generally understood depending upon each case or circumstance or situation:
    (i) “Auto Rickshaw” means a three-wheeler vehicle for passenger services as approved by concerned authorities. However, burden of proof that it has necessary permission to run as passenger service provider lies with the Owner of it and not by DYUT Rides;
    (ii) “Bike Taxi” means a two-wheeler vehicle for passenger services as approved by concerned authorities However, burden of proof that it has necessary permission to run as Taxi lies with the Owner of it and not by DYUT Rides;
    (iii) “Drivers” herein means Drivers of all types or particular types of vehicles as registered with us with intention to provide third party independent transportation services to the desired passengers, also herein known as “You” or “Your” or Service Provider”;
    (iv) “M3 e-wallet “application means the “M3 e-wallet” payment gateway provided by M3 e-wallet which is powered by Yes bank Ltd and program managed by Kou-Chan Knowledge Convergence Pvt Ltd;
    (v) “Taxi (s)”: “Taxi (s)” as the Driver or Owners registers the vehicle to be used as Taxi as permitted by law and user has registered as taxi (by You) with DYUT Rides and that is accepted by DYUT Rides support team as TAXI to participate in the services to the Users. However, burden of proof that it has necessary permission to run as Taxi lies with the Owner and not by DYUT Rides.;
    (vi) “Owner(s)” means owners of vehicle whether the vehicle is registered in their name or pending for such registration provided the permit so to render the services.
    (vii) “Passenger (s)” means any User who registers himself as passengers in the app with the objective of availing the services available in the App;
    (viii) “Services” means the passenger transport services through taxi provided by the Taxi drivers to the Passengers.
    (ix) “User”: means generally users of DYUT Rides platform by third party service providers including Drivers and also Passengers and others who use the App for availing or rendering the services using DYUT Rides mobile application or portal depends upon each case.
    (x) “Vehicle” means all vehicles registered with DYUT Rides for providing transportation or other services which include a Bike Taxies, Auto Rickshaws, 4-wheeler vehicles – luxury or non-luxury vehicles or any other vehicle which has necessary statute permission to carry passengers;
  • The Process: DYUT Rides APP: The DYUT Rides app is smart phone application / Website for passengers and for drivers that can be downloaded and installed free of charge. It offers most convenient, easy and fast way of ordering a taxi/Auto/ in any location any time. Through the process provided in the application, DYUT Rides facilitates, the desired PASSENGERS to sign up and order a taxi ride. The system automatically finds suitable vehicles available in the vicinity and displays the requirements to the drivers. The drivers who are keen to participate in the request, respond to the request of the passengers. Once counter offer is accepted by Passenger, it displays the information about the taxi, its and the destination, the route etc. At the end of the service the passenger has to make the payment for the services availed at the agreed commercials, by way M3 payment gateway or any other mode of payment as the App may facilitate.
  • Applicable Laws: These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of each country respectively of its usage and any disputes arising from this disclaimer which cannot be resolved by the parties, shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the each determined city for resolution of the dispute. DYUT Rides accepts no responsibility in this regard in any manner.
  • Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: By registering as a Driver or as a Owner Driver or Owner or as a User or as a passenger in the system and giving declaration and acceptance online electronically of the this Terms and conditions which is done by clicking the “I accept the terms of use”, the User declares instantly and unconditionally to agree and comply with these Terms, the all other policies and rules available in the system including amendments thereto.
  • Registration by Drivers and Owners And Use Of The App
    a) When registering, the User Driver / Owner agrees to provide accurate information which is complete, updated and current and the form for registration to be completed. The onus to give correct and accurate information lies on the applicant and DYUT Rides is not obliged to do deep verification with any prejudicial suspicion or supervise or control the accuracy of the information though suitable efforts are made to verify the same.
    b) Applicants who have full legal capacity are allowed to participate in the program of DYUT Rides app. Applicants who are in-eligible or incapable to provide the required level of service should not participate.
    c) The Owners must ensure that all the time each of their vehicles is covered under suitable insurance with credible insurance company, all possible risks including of third party. No valid insurance means no provision to use the services of DYUT Rides. The vehicle should be of road worthiness and should have appropriate certificate to that effect to the satisfaction of DYUT Rides.
    d) No vehicle will be registered which is more than 5 years from the date of manufacture and any vehicle which completes 5 years of usage will be de-registered from the date completion of 5 years. Any relaxation in this respect will only be on case to case basis, with the specific prior approval of Head-Operations or any director of the company
    e) Under educated applicants may take the help of their assistance of their legal representative or meet our support team for help. Applicants have to specifically give a declaration at the time of registration in the format given.
    f) On successful registration a username and password are generated to facilitate the usage of App. DYUT Rides is not liable for any kind of loss or damage which may result from the disclosure of the password to third parties and who use it without authority. Therefore, in such cases, you shall be solely responsible for any consequences if any one misuses the password.
    g) You may transfer the user’s registration to a third party by making suitable application attaching all the necessary documents, which may be approved by us after due checking and verification.
  • License to use the App Software: License to use the mobile application software or website:
    a) DYUT Rides hereby grants to the User a limited, personal, one to one basis for Drivers / Owners, nonexclusive, non-transferable and fully revocable license to use the Website on computer or application on mobile smart phone, in conformance and agreement of the terms contained in these documents. DYUT Rides reserves absolute rights to the Website not expressly granted herein.
    b) DYUT Rides is not liable for any damage suffered by the User who used not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this document.
  • Payment for services:
    a) Payment terms and conditions are provided in a separate document between us and Drivers and Owners upon the completion of registration process. However, payments are subject to charges payable of DYUT Rides and the payment gateway service providers. Normally payments are credited to the M3 e-wallet account of Owners of vehicles
    b) You must be aware that and acknowledge that DYUT Rides does not provide any kind of payment protection or provide any guarantees in relation your transactions with the passengers for the services rendered. Therefore, you must keep it in mind that you may bear the risk in the event that a transaction proves to be unlawful or fraudulent one or suspicious nature, unauthorized and in such cases the moment you notice any unusualness, you may take steps to terminate the services and alert the concerned. You also agree that you will terminate any service offered including ongoing service and not accept payment via the app if you notice any passenger behaves in a suspicious manner like paying high tips, changing routes, long waiting, insisting for high speed driving, extreme cold A/c, vulgar talks, bad behaviour, appear to have little concern the cost of the fare or asking long routes with no justifiable reasons or who use others apps to settle the fare bills etc.
  • Termination: DYUT Rides reserves the right to block any user on its platform if it has reason to suspect and has indication of possibility that a user is attempting to abuse the platform or mislead/harm/put to inconvenience the passengers or drivers or the employees, managers or other users through the platform. These actions include but are not limited to: using stolen credit or debit cards, all kinds of wallets, other value cards, sending requests for taxies without the intention to board them, not paying for the service sought or used , and repeatedly cancelling requests before the taxi arrives or Driver accepts the offer.
  • Sanctions : DYUT Rides may at any time, suspend or terminate either permanently or temporarily, the license to operate the DYUT Rides, the account of any User and take appropriate disciplinary and legal actions if the User :
    (i) violates any of the terms and conditions or warranties and obligations contained in these Terms of Use any policies or rules thereunder
    (ii) provides incorrect information or indulges in deceptive or fraudulent practices
    (iii) DYUT Rides from its findings concludes that the activities, behaviours and attitudes have caused or may most likely cause harm to others and / or DYUT Rides in its own. Consequently the user loses all benefits or consideration including any kind of indemnity or compensation or reimbursements for the cancellation or suspension of such User account in DYUT Rides
    iv) DYUT Rides may also share such information to the others as it may deem appropriate.
  • Limitation Of Liability – Relationship Driver Passenger:
    a) DYUT Rides does not provide any transportation services to the passengers but serves only an intermediary by connecting the intended passengers with intended drivers with an objective of optimizing the available taxies channelizing to the desired passenger requirement. Thus, Driver by accepting the offer of Passenger and by making a counter offer or acceptance of the offer by Driver, the Passenger will choose the counter offer and accepting the provision of services by the DRIVER, Accordingly the Passenger hereby acknowledges that the DYUT Rides has no direct role or association with the DRIVER where both interact independently, DYUT Rides just facilitates a contact between Driver and Passenger. The User hereby accepts, acknowledges and agrees that DYUT Rides is not liable for any act or omissions committed by any user or by any violence or any attack or abuse or any robbery or any commitment break as a result of any act, arguments or discussions, and others including the effective fulfilment of the obligations assumed by the users and loss not being for lawful purposes. The user accepts, acknowledges and agrees that, by registering and accepting the terms and conditions and policies of DYUT Rides service, do so at users’’s total means and exclusive risk. – from availability and inconsistency in the app / system:
    b) DYUT Rides does not guarantee that the App or system will be available without any interruption and that it will always be error-free, and therefore, DYUT Rides shall in no way and in any liable for any damages or loss caused to users and accepts no responsibility in this regard.
    c) You also acknowledge and agree that DYUT Rides is not responsible for any damages or losses for any error or inconsistency or in accuracy of information with other independent service providers as a part of the DYUT Rides systems, like the service provision for GPS, satellite and similar things
    d) The Users hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the DYUT Rides and its representatives from any kind of claims, suits, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses, including all legal and litigation expenses for the damage or loss they DYUT Rides may incur.
    e) Users accept and acknowledge that DYUT Rides is a just a coordinating agency through its app / System/ Website where it acts solely as a connector of service between passengers and Drivers. Therefore, DYUT Rides is not responsible for any issues that arise during the availing of service, such as accidents, delays, or travel discomforts, bad environmental conditions, calamities or any situations not serviced by DYUT Rides.
    f) DYUT Rides commits, the best possible extent, to provide a thorough screening process so that only Drivers in good legal standing in their cities/countries shall take part on the service, which however is not the conclusive and would be based on the information provided to us.
    g) Over all, in any situation, for any kindly of liability on DYUT Rides. the amount liable to be compensated by DYUT Rides is limited to the actual service charges receivable by DYUT Rides or rupees five hundred whichever is less.
  • Risks in Usage: The User acknowledges and confirms that he is aware of all the risks involved in the use of the App and services of third party through this App. By accepting the Services, the Users acknowledge that DYUT Rides has no direct role and involvement once offer and acceptance process is completed and a contractual relationship is established between Users ( the Driver and the Passenger). You consent and agree to defend and compensate us fully against any claims or legal proceedings brought against us by any other person because of your breach of these Terms and conditions.
  • Other General Terms and Conditions:
    a) Your downloading or Use of the App or system or services does not establish or create any joint venture or partnership concern or entity in office or franchise arrangement or employment relationship between the user and DYUT Rides unless a specific agreement is signed with us by a separate specific agreement.
    b) As and when the App or system or platform is used, it will be based on terms and conditions set out by us in this regard and you are bound by the same.
    c) The terms of Use may be changed by DYUT Rides at any time and the changes shall come into force automatically on notification of the change or on publication of the new version on the Website whichever is earlier.
    d) Always these Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of each country as applicable and any disputes arising from this disclaimer which cannot be resolved by the parties, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the each determined city or area.
    e) By registering as a Driver or a Passenger with us, accepting this Term and by clicking the “I accept the terms of use”, the User declares and unconditionally agrees to comply with these Terms and the policies and rules made thereunder including amendments thereto.
    f) Use Of The Services: Only registered users shall use DYUT Rides app to send request for services and receive counter offer from service providers and so on. By registering to use the service, as a User you agree to:
    i) Provide reliable, true and correct information during the registration process, and shall only use the service in good faith, without breaking any laws in the country where the service is requested.
    ii) Never misuse or break or abuse the service by requesting a service without the intention of using it. For any issues faced by Users, during the use of the service, User shall, in good faith for the benefit of all, do his best to resolve the issue by using our good office of customer support team.
    d) DYUT Rides is not responsible for any unacceptable behaviour, actions or inactions of Users. Any provision of transportation or other services are between service provider and the passenger. DYUT Rides only provides a platform to connect the service providers and passengers and to facilitate payments for those services provided, thus coordinating between the two parties.
  • Intellectual Property: Use of the service does not transfer or grant any rights for any copy write, trademarks or intellectual property rights between DYUT Rides, its associates and its users. Users accept, acknowledge and agree not to use, copy, and/or publish without DYUT Rides specific consent, any content, matter, material, screens or icons, artwork as available in the application during the use of the service or otherwise. The provisions of intellectual property rights laws of each country apply and in case any one found using the application materials in any unauthorised manner, necessary actions will be taken as provided in the laws.
  • No Waiver of rights: Any delay by us in exercising a right under these Terms do not constitute as a consent for waiver of that right. If any terms are breached and if no action against you, DYUT Rides is still be entitled to act at any time or in any other situation where you breach these Terms.
  • Severability: If any part or parts of these Terms are disallowed or found to be ineffective by any authority or by court order or regulatory change or action by any other competent authority, the other provisions shall continue to apply.
  • Notices: Any notice to be delivered by us to you under this mobile app or website shall be delivered to you by an email to the mail id registered with us. Any non-delivery of email does not amount to non-issue of notice and the User should contact us by sending an e-mail to the mail id at:
    customercare@bookarideworldwide.com or info@kouchanindia.com

Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy statement of DYUT Rides which is powered by Program manager and operator- Kou-Chan Technologies Pvt Ltd (Herein after referred to as “Kou-Chan” or also used as “DYUT Rides”), who also manage the website ‘BookARideWorldwide.com’.

Kou-Chan the Program Managers of DYUT Rides brand services (also called a "Site" or “Website”, together the "Sites" or together called “Kou-Chan” or “We” or “Us” which include it’s associates and group companies), is a business entity engaged in various business operations including software development, Telecom Project Management and Application program management, HR services etc. This Privacy Policy extends to all the products and services offered by us under this portal and proposes as to how transparently we may collect, utilize, notify and disclose information in relation to the users of the platforms of Kou-Chan. Users under this policy statement include both User of DYUT Rides, M3 e-wallet, Business wallet holders, the buyers and sellers who use this platform for availing our services.

This product proposes to use our facilities, services and products with the help of devices like mobile devices, Tablets and/or PCs, either by way of suitable mobile applications or web applications or any other method as the technology may change and suggest. This Privacy Policy also applies to such use of our services and products in all possible manners as per the applicable Laws of India in India. All words of terms not defined in this document shall have the meanings as generally used by them subject to the interpretations of Laws by the appropriate legal authorities.

    1. The User’s (which includes the registered Users, casual visitors to our website and prospective users recorded in any interactions with us from time to time and who abide by the constitution of India) privacy is very important to us and we confirm to ensure that we do collect information from you which is necessary to provide our services and business or at the insistence of statutory authorities. However the same time we do ensure to protect your privacy of information subject to the usage of it as permitted.
    2. The data or Information collected that may include all details, such as user name, gender, father’s name, mother’s name, Date & place of birth, address, contact numbers, alternate & nominee details, PAN, Aadhar, user or receiver’s bank account numbers, credit/debit card numbers and their expiration dates, other particulars of the user or receiver, Vehicle details, Driving license details, sales information, tracking references, finance deal information and other similar related data stored at our sites for appropriate use or to facilitate transactions, Skype or fax numbers, email Ids and user tastes / preferences etc may be collected at the time of user registration or at the time of usage. It includes any amendments made to the information from time to time.
    3. Business data / information may be pertaining to business units and personal information pertains to personal details of individual data or information. However, in certain cases in can be interchangeably used for convenience.
    4. Registrants must provide true, correct and reliable information by way of self-declaration in pursuance of the government policy of self-declaration (for example KYC details) and this website trusts the registrants unless the user or anyone who come across the incorrect information intimates this website with credible proof or evidence to us otherwise. The Driver Registration may be much more details including biometric identity confirmation. Such intimation should be sent to us by identifiable person by any mode of official communication including mail to Registration@bookarideworldwide.com with proper proof or evidence. On receipt of such information the Administration of the Website may take action as it may deem fit and proper including any lawful action and block the account.
    5. It is mandatory for Users of the Sites to provide certain compulsory Business and/or Personal Data, as specified at the time of filling up of the details. In the event that Users who do not provide any or insufficient Business and/or Personal Data marked as mandatory, it may not be possible to complete the registration process or provide such users with our product sales or services. In case any one has any kind of reservation, he can seek clarification from FAQs. If still not satisfied he (the applicant) can write for clarification or opt out of registration and need not be the User of this portal.
    On Registration or any visit to our site, if any Personal Data is provided to us, it is DEEMED that to have authorized us to collect, collate, store and use the said Personal / business Data for the following purposes:
    1. Cross verification of your identity, eligibility to be the member of this website service portal as per the applicable laws of India and the terms & conditions of this portal.
    2. By Administration verification system to process your registration as a Member User, allot the log-in rights using the Sites systems and administering your member account. By using or entering the registration page you are admitted as the member of this portal and eligible for the usage of the benefits as per the rules subject to verification.
    3. Supporting customer care services, feedback, claims, complaints, customer concerns or facilitate disputes resolution.
    4. Carry out directly or through third party the research or statistical analysis for our business or social objectives.
    5. Support government efforts, schemes and policies as we may consider appropriate.
    6. Subject to obtaining your consent in such form as may be required, we (including Bank, the affiliated companies and associates) may use your appropriate personal data such as name, phone number, address, email address and other-particulars (terming it as "Marketing Data") for further business promotions, allow for notifications, surveys, services or product alerts, intimations and for other promotional or marketing purposes.
    7. If optional information is submitted on the Sites through the appropriate tools such as Company information, the Profile, sales Catalog, Trade Leads etc, then it is deemed that you have given consent to its publication of such information on the Sites, of this optional information.
    8. Disclosing any information as may be required for any of the above said purposes or by applicable law, rules, regulations, notifications and guidelines or in conduct of any enquiry, search, investigations, claims or suits brought against us or we as a party to any such cases or in the interest of or in pursuance of any lawful proceedings either against us or against user/s or government process.
    1. By registering with us or using our website, you further agree that we are legally permitted to share, disclose and transfer your Personal Information for our own or our associate organizations or associates for the business use with objective of improvement of product delivery or for verification / authentication/ investigation with respect to a complaint or suspicious transactions including that of third parties or for promoting products or services of other business of the group as the case may be.
    2. Due care and caution will be exercised by the employees of the service providers who are under a duty of confidentiality and are only permitted to use the personal information only in connection with the purposes specified above of us. However, any fraudulent and unauthorized acts of employees in their individual capacity, then in that case who alone will be held responsible for their such illegal acts and action will be taken against them for the offenses in accordance with law. The Users in such cases should report and cooperate with investigating agencies and support the legal actions.
    3. The disclosure of or sharing of and transfer of personal data may be done to our professional experts or the Government and other law enforcement agencies or to the regulatory bodies, statutory bodies, insurance companies and other organizations for the purposes specifically asked for by such parties, if we find it appropriate. It may also be noted that business or Personal Data collected, maintained and stored will be seen by employees, any authorized associates, sub-contractors and other associates for the legitimate business purposes if we find it appropriate.
    Any time you may view your personal information as per the process and terms mentioned in the App or website. However, in case you seek information of any other mobile account holder or user we will not be able to share it unless it is appropriately approved by government or judicial authority under the permitted rules and regulations.
    We use "cookies" to store specific information about you and track your visits to the Sites. It is not uncommon for websites to use cookies to enhance identification of their users.
    Minors (as defined in law below the age of 18) are not permitted to enter into any contracts as per the Indian laws. Therefore, the lawful guardians should with caution lead such contracts on behalf of the minors and make appropriate disclosures to the contracting parties and others as may be required under law. The guardians should also perform such other responsibilities as per mitted by law to manage such accounts.
    We take utmost precaution to exercise the reasonable security methods to prevent unauthorized access to our websites. It is online all the time, within the permitted technology we have employed the best possible agency in storage of the data. You too can access your data, view it and edit in a process as permitted. However, at the end of it, the entry and storage will be as entered by yourself and hence you must be extremely careful while entering the data. Never share the password or other access details to anyone to keep your privacy. No data transmission over the internet or any wired or wireless network can be assured to be reliable and to be most secure. Therefore, we do all our exercise with this attached risk and reliability of the systems and hence, you will be availing the services under this website at your own risk.
    There could be changes to this Privacy Policy, and as and when the changes are made, the same will be suitably updated on the Website. You are therefore requested to visit our privacy policy document on the portal as often as possible to keep yourself updated. In case you are not in agreement with the changes, you may withdraw from our services with suitable notification.
    Your inputs on our Privacy Policy and comments thereon are most valuable. We constantly seek your feedback on them especially on the issues of safety, security, sales and services we deliver. You may post your feedback by post to our address to the attention of Legal Department at Corporate office or by e-mail: feedback@bookarideworldwide.com

Frauds Related Matters

  • Fraud Alerts
    We (Kou-Chan or DYUT Rides or Bookrideworldwide.com) have observed that from time to time, fake account holders with fake mobile connections & details or through some other means may be listed on our website and try to entice others who are also listed online, make misleading offers which are sent either via SMS or emails or by some other means to unlawfully gather/collect the personal details and/or attempt to transfer fraudulently money from unsuspecting mobile Users. Please note that DYUT Rides management is always against such elements never represent any such parties sending such fraudulent messages or communications. We are totally opposed to such things and try to caution through our Terms and Conditions. We are always against such elements and seek the support and cooperation of all users to fight against these fraudsters. DYUT Rides is committed to providing the safest possible environment to the Users to transact financial deals on our portal.

    We may provide some hints or tips to enable you to be watchful against such suspicious fraudsters or links or mails of such elements. Any offer appearing to be too easy or attractive or too good to be apparently looks to be true, must be verified in detail beforehand, with the originator of such offers / contents.

    Do not give your private identification information unless you are confident and trust the offer or the communication. Be extremely careful when providing your personal or bank or credit/debit card information while initiating any monetary transactions. Pre-verify the correctness or legitimacy of the offer or with whom you are intending to deal with.

    Do not provide any private personal information over the phone or online unless, in your opinion, it is from a reliable source and genuine.

    Be aware of any messages by e-mail or SMS or by WhatsApp or from any other source which is solicits your details and ultimately require you to pay money in advance, particularly if the payee is just a mobile number which is suspiciously unrelated in any way to the payer.

    Always, please report to Immediately to police authorities or us of any such suspicious communications you may have received, if you have the information of their true source for necessary action. Besides we also suggest you to lodge a report to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for handling of the case.
  • Reporting of Frauds
    If you see any questionable messages you may receive repeatedly or any potential misuse of this portal or its brand, kindly report with details immediately, at least twice, of any suspected fraud to info@kouchanindia.com or customercare@bookarideworldwide.com so that suitable steps can be taken for your safety and other related issues. Please educate and update yourself on Phishing and Spoofing – Internet Fraud Scam.
  • Spoofing Messages
    Spoof emails usually include a fraudulent offer of huge amounts or enticing disproportionate freebies or gifts coupled with request to disseminate personal details or an invitation to perform a monetary transaction. These types of scams are primarily directed at general audience, but it can also reach M3 e-wallet or business wallet users who might have included his/her contact particulars. Please be extremely careful of such spoof emails for your own safety.

Reward Schemes

  • EXCITING Cash back Referral OFFER from DYUT Rides: For Passengers(from 14.01.2021)
    1. "DYUT Rides Cash back Referral Offer" : You invite friends & relatives through Menu, GET CASH BACK of Rs 1000 to your BANK on their registration as DYUT PASSENGERS as per below scheme !

    2. Scheme of Referral Offer : You invite friends & relatives only through Menu. On 20 passengers registration on DYUT rides App (1 LOT) + 3 DYUT rides (self or others), you get CASH BACK Rs.1000 per LOT ( one time @ Rs 50 per registration). No limit on LOTs. -

    3. Conditions : a) Each ride has to be in DIFFERENT Cab or Auto either for self or others. CANCELLED or INCOMPLETE rides not counted.

    b) You can also avail fare discount under separate scheme.

    c) On completion of Referral LOT ‘Contact Us' with bank details for transfer of CASH BACK amount (Rs 1000 per lot) on Mondays. You get SMS on registration.

    4.Scheme End Date: 28.2.2021

    5.T&Cs as in App or website apply.

    6.HELP: 7019134941/ 9036119007 www.bookarideworldwide.com

    1. The "CHALAKA MITRA -3 SCHEME": Incentive amount: Rs.300 for every attachment of Cab or AUTO with DYUT RIDES

    2. Effective date and validity period:

    i) Start Date: From 20-11-2020

    ii) End Date: 28th Feb 2021 (both days inclusive)

    3. Conditions : a. Driver cum owners or Owners have to INVITE other vehicle owners from App Menu and get vehicles registered under DYUT RIDES App. The attachment has to be with complete valid documents submitted online.

    b. i) Vehicles must have permit to operate in Karnataka ii) No fraudulent practices otherwise it will be rejected.

    4.Transfer of incentive amount after verification and validation on every MONDAY only.

    5.This scheme is applicable in Karnataka state.

    6.T&Cs of DYUT RIDES apply

    7.For HELP: 7019134941/9036119007 www.bookarideworldwide.com

    8. Other Conditions: : a. Attachment - Only yellow board vehicles with valid permit & insurance coverage.

    b.Incentive will be transferred to bank only on completion of rides.

    c.This is only for Vehicle attachments.

    d.All other terms and conditions stated in website or anywhere of the App apply.

Standard Terms & Conditions of Schemes

  • 1. In case of any reward schemes offered to the passengers, drivers, vehicle owners, associate partners and other intermediaries the reward shall be utilized by the beneficiary within the timeframe as below unless specifically mentioned differently in Part-A of any Scheme:

    i) In case of utilization of reward amount: Within 60 days from the closure of the scheme.

    ii) In case of encashment or any other form of benefit of reward amount: Within 20 days from the closure of the scheme.

    Failure to utilize the scheme within the timelines mentioned above or in the scheme, the reward amount credited will get lapsed and credit amount stands withdrawn and reversed.

    2. DYUT Rides has full authority to change any of the terms and conditions of this scheme at any point of time including withdrawal of the scheme, extension of the scheme or pre-closure of the scheme

    3. The beneficiaries like passengers, drivers, vehicle owners, associate partners and other intermediaries should always go through the terms and conditions of the schemes including the amendments thereto and get updated. It is not mandatory on the part of DYUT Rides to inform the above said beneficiaries on the changes or modifications in the scheme.

    However, efforts will be made to keep the beneficiaries informed on the changes if any to the extent possible.

    4. In case of any dispute or disagreement the matter will be referred to one of the Directors of the company whose decision on the same shall be final and binding on both the parties. All disputes shall be subject to Bangalore Jurisdiction.

    5. Any queries shall be referred to us by way of email as provided on the menu page through “Contact us”.

    6. All other terms and conditions as provided in the website or released in any other manner also apply as may be relevant and applicable.